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Best Pension Annuity News

Create a second Tax Free Lump Sum from the same pension fund - 6th December 2016

Will the new pension freedoms help you become debt free before retirement ? - 31st October 2016

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The benefits of saving in a pension - 2nd March 2015

Why use your pension fund like a bank account and pay tax on it if you could get all you want tax free ? -
                                                                                                             18th February 2015

Taking a Lump Sum from your Drawdown contract and the tax implications - 26th January 2015

Your Options if you purchased Income Drawdown before April 2105 - Including Death Benefits -20th Jan 2015

Income Drawdown Fund Review – 2015 - How did we do ? - 20th January 2015

Cash in your Annuity for a Lump Sum - 12th January 2015

Will the new Pension rules allow you to take more tax free cash ? - 19th December 2014

Just when you thought Annuities were Dead - 12th December 2014

New Pension Rules 2015 - don’t get stung by the Government’s tax trap - 12th November 2014

Understanding the new pension fund death benefits from April 2015 - 27th October 2014

Tax Free inheritance of pension pots from April 2015 - 7th October 2014

Another “excellent job” from the Income Drawdown team at Best Pension Annuity - 29th September 2014

Will the new pension rules help me pay off my interest only mortgage ? - 16th June 2014

How to make sure you and your pension don’t end up in the hands of fraudsters - 4th June 2014

Fund and Portfolio Management - Why it is important for Drawdown customers - 23rd May 2014

Is it still a good idea to buy an annuity following the Chancellors Budget Statement or are they now a thing of the past ? - 21st March 2014

Budget March 2014 - Pension Changes - 19th March 2014

VIDEO - Take a Tax Free Lump Sum from your Pension without taking an income - 12th February 2014

VIDEO - How to use our Pension Lump Sum Calculator ? - 4th February 2014

Our Annual Fund Performance 2013 - 20th January 2014

Pension Income from Drawdown increases again - 30th December 2013

What is best, a level or index linked annuity ? - 31st October 2013

Using Income Drawdown to get more income than you may from an annuity - 17th October 2013

Why it is important that you only do business with an FCA Regulated company - 2nd October 2013

If I don't want the whole 25% pension lump sum in one go, can I take say 10% now and then the other 15% at another time ? - 1st October 2013

What to do once you have a pension sharing agreement - 26th September 2013

How to take more than 25% of your pension as a tax free lump sum - 25th September 2013

Have you tried our new pension lump sum calculator yet ?
- 16th September 2013

Is it possible to take the lump sum from your pension and still contribute towards it ? - 26th August 2013

How Smoking Can Improve Your Financial Health! - 18th July 2013

Do I have to take my pension income at the same time as my Tax Free Cash ? - 10th July 2013

Is it possible to sell a personal pension for the full amount ? - 10th July 2013

Can I take my tax free cash and transfer balance to new pension ? - 10th July 2013

Can you take 25% pension lump sum at 55 and leave the rest without taking out an annuity ? - 10th July 2013

Is my contracted out pension paid as a lump sum ? - 8th July 2013

Best Pension Annuity launch their “Ask A Question” service - 2nd July 2013

Can (my) Pension Company stop me taking my Lump Sum at 55 years ? - 30th June 2013

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ABI Code of Conduct on Retirement Choices - 4th June 2013

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