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Annuties and Retirement Products for Customers Overseas
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All form of retirement products including enhanced annuities and income drawdwon for British people living in Bulgaria

Spring 2020

Please note: Currently we are unaware of any UK pension provider who is offering annuities to ex-pats. We are able to offer ex-pats a flexi access drawdown product, but this will not give you the guaranteed income for life that is a standard feature of an annuity. As such, it may not be suitable for some people. We would recommend that you contact your existing UK pension provider as some be able to offer annuities to existing clients. However the amount they offer may not be as much as you would have received if you could have placed your pension fund on the open market for an annuity.

Within the last few years Bulgaria has become a location for many UK National seeking an alternative lifestyle. In order to look at investment opportunities in Bulgaria, some have left UK investments such as Pension Funds behind. If you now want to take an income or a lump sum from your pension fund we can help you.
What we do, and how we do it
  Annuities in Bulgaria
  You may have permanently moved to Bulgaria and no longer have a UK address or bank account - we can still help you. We can give you access to all of the annuity products available in the UK, including With-Profits, Temporary and of course standard annuities.
  Tax Free Cash Only
  There may be a few years to go before you are due to retire, but you could find that a Tax Free Lump Sum (depending on where you are taxed) could help make a significant change to your circumstances. We can help you release a lump sum from your pension fund and keep the rest invested until you retire.
  Income Drawdown
  We are able to provide two types of income drawdown  -  a standard drawdown contract and one that will give you a guaranteed maturity amount if you agree to a fixed term. The fact that you are living in Bulgaria should not be a problem.
  Impaired Annuities
  You may qualify for an enhanced or impaired annuity even if you don't have a UK doctor. Once again the fact that you are not in the UK may not be a problem, however it may taker a little longer to set up your annuity given the additional complication.
  Personalised Information Pack
  Every customer who requests a quote gets a free information pack, that explains everything you need to know about your selected transaction. There is no obligation on you to do business with us.
  Payment into either a UK bank or a local bank if you prefer
  We can arrange for you to be paid in either Sterling, Euros or whatever the local currency happens to be. There is no need for you to have a UK bank account. If you have a bank account in Bulgaria, most UK annuity providers will be happy to pay into it.
  Knowledgeable People to Talk To
  Our efficient and friendly staff will answer all your questions in easy to understand language. You are always in control of the transaction and there os no obligation on you to do business with us.
  10 out of 10 Service
  We constantly receive excellent customer feedback with well over 80% of our customers scoring us 10 out of 10. But don't take our word for it .......
As part of our commitment to excellent customer service we will provide for every customer a bespoke quote and a personalised information pack, containing over 20 pages, which explains everything you need to know about your annuity or income drawdown contract

Including :

Taking a Tax Free Pension Lump Sum
Risks and Benefits
Full Product Features
GAD Rates *
Fund Management *
Tax & Death Benefits
Get your FREE quote and pack sent direct to your email account, by completing our on-line form.
FREE Quotes and Information Pack
* Income Drawdown Only 

Annuities for British People Living in Bulgaria

Many UK Nationals were excited about the investment and lifestyle opportunities Bulgaria presented. Some have acquired holiday homes while others have moved their for good.

If you now find yourself living in Bulgaria but want to access the pension funds you left behind in the UK then this is where we come in.

We can help you manage your UK pension from the luxury of your own Bulgarian home. As long as you have access to an internet account and a telephone we can provide you with quotes and an information pack in no time at all.

A full range of pension planning options are available to you. You may qualify for an impaired annuity, if so we can get you quotes from those providers offering enhanced annuity rates either due to impaired medical circumstances or simply because you are a smoker. If you are a regular drinker of the wine and beer of your adopted country, that may also qualify you for an enhanced annuity.

You may have reached the point where you don’t need a regular income but would benefit from taking a Tax Free lump sum from your pension. We can help you obtain a pension lump sum, as well as work with you over the longer term to ensure that the remaining fund is managed in line with your attitude to risk.

You may have simply reached the stage where you are in excellent health, enjoying your home abroad and now wish to receive a regular annuity from your pension.

Whatever your circumstances we can help you. We do all the administration work for you and keep you informed of progress every step of the way.

Bulgarian Annuities - What We Do

By completing any of our simple on-line request forms we can provide you with bespoke quotes and information on your pension options. If you prefer to talk to somebody then please feel free to call us on 020 33 55 4827 and we will happily discuss any concerns you have or answer any questions.

We can normally get quotes and information packs to you within 24 hours, sometimes much quicker. In the case of enhanced annuities the process can take a bit longer. We will typically need to talk to you to go through some detailed medical questions which we then place before the various underwriters who offer enhanced annuities. It can take 3 – 4 days before they all come back to us, but the enhanced annuity quotes are based on your exact medical circumstances and are not based on a computerised estimate.

If you decide to do business with us we will do all the pension administration work for you, including completing all the forms required by your existing pension provider and your new provider. We will check with the various providers that progress is being made and keep you updated throughout. As the feedback from our customers demonstrates, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work for you.

Annuities In Bulgaria - What you have to do

To start our no obligation process all you need to do is click any of the Quote links on this page and complete our simple form. It should take no more than 2 minutes.

Depending on your circumstances we may need your co-operation in completing some aspects of the transaction. If you have a UK bank account and still have a property in the UK then you may need to do nothing extra.

In some circumstances you may need to present yourself and some standard documents to a local Notarie, Solicitor or other recognised Legal professional who can verify your identity.

It is not possible for us to advise on or reflect on the tax system in operation in Bulgaria. You need to be ensure you understand any tax laws that may apply to you. There is a Double Taxation Agreement in place between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, this means that only one country should be taxing you on your worldwide assets and income.

Annuity Rates

It is a standard feature of pension annuities that the place where you live can have an influence on the annuity rate you will receive. This applies to annuities in the United Kingdom as well as other countries.

While the annuity providers will not give you a lower annuity rate simply because you now live in Bulgaria, you should remember that if you are now retired in an idyllic countryside location you may get a lower rate as the underwriter may consider that your life expectancy is significantly greater than somebody who lives in the center of a city - How bad that ?!!!


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